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ampersand Nevertheless

Hello, friend!

I'm Alexandra.

I am a woman of many talents but right now I am most useful at BRYTER where I shape product for lawyers. At lunch, I sit with the engineers, and I marvel at the designers but I don't get their jokes.

This is my blog, a random collection of thoughts and contradictions.

Latest posts

  • Lessons from opera

    How my past as an opera singer has prepared me to survive in tech. A listicle.

  • Glitter, and be gay

    Experimenting with CSS variables and Javascript

  • The tea or coffee situation

    A German and a Norwegian meet in a Torshov kitchen... Or: How different communication styles lead to asymmetries and misunderstandings.

  • Product Owner is not a job

    The fact that Product Owner is still used as a job title shows at best an immature product culture, and at worst a fundamental misunderstanding of modern product development. A rant.