You know you travel too much if ...

[caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“240” caption=“Image via Wikipedia”]Airbus A330-200[/caption]

… the driver recognizes you when you get onto the bus to your local airport. … you don’t even look up the number of the check-in counter anymore. … you have all your make-up in a little bag you don’t even unpack anymore. … you have various cosmetic products that are labeled in foreign languages. … you find yourself postponing the visit to the duty free shop because you will visit a bigger or better one soon. … you know how to say “To the airport, please” in at least one more language than you actually speak. … you regularly schedule tasks for the time on a plane. … you always carry your passport in your bag. … you seriously consider buying a share of your favourite airline that doesn’t have a frequent traveler programme.

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