KOffice Web Concept

KOffice Web Presence Strategy Thumbnail (click!)”) Things are in the move it seems and I am still all about drafting concepts for a renewal of the KOffice web presence. We have been discussing this on IRC a bit and it seems that quite some people liked the ideas, so I chose to present them here to give others the opportunity to think about it and maybe reuse it or make smart™ suggestions. ;) From simple to complex My starting point was to find a solution to present KOffice independently without doubling maintenance work and spreading ressources even further on the net. At the moment, everything KOffice is quite confusing: there is a terribly outdated (content wise) website that is pretty complicated to keep up to date with the use of SVN, a wiki that is hard to find and needs to be searched for everything and resources both on userbase and techbase. So we have actually four places where content is spread and that need maintenance. Not too clever, ey? Now we have to start sorting things again. I would like to see everything that feels like promotion on a landing page on koffice.org, this includes a generally introductory text about KOffice, a description of the single apps, the vision and maybe the KOffice team. Adding to that should be Latest news such as release notes and - in a prominent place - links to external ressources for both users and developers. **Outsourcing ** That leads me to my next point: userbase and techbase. Those are highly useful and visible places and should host all the content that is likely to change frequently like tutorials, FAQs and other documentation. By moving content there, we make use of the already existing infrastructure and take quite some work away from the KOffice team to those maintaining the *base sites. Chances are good that this leads to better results and that we provide good tools for community interaction and user created content. Additionally, content becomes easier to find for those who already are familiar with the KDE infrastructure. But providing links on both ends will be mandatory and take make sure, nobody gets lost on the way. Everything that is only useful to those who actually are closely involved to KOffice development - TODO lists, release schedules, internal discussions and general organisation - will stay on the current wiki. The developers seem to be happy with it and I don’t see a reason to move any of this content anywhere else. There is a enough to move around without this… Now we only need to write fancy PR texts for the landing page and start moving and sorting content. *cough* Lifestream This will add some extra coolness to the whole concept and will be covered later when we have discussed things further. Stay tuned.